Latvian city of Yurmala hosted the 11th International Contest New Wave 2012 for Young Pop Music Singers that is traditionally held from July 24th till July 29th.

New Wave this year involved 16 contestants coming form 14 countries: Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Italy, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico and China. Unlike previous years, this time jury voting was opened only for the first two days, and it was closed from public for the third day for the sake of keeping the intrigue.

The top-five before the third and final day of the contest were the following:

1. Constanzo del Pinto, Italy – 193 points

2. Maria Yaremchuk, Ukraine – 192 points

3. Framest, Latvia - 190 points

4. The Jigits, Kazakhstan — 189 points

5. Niloo, Russia - 188 points

According to the results of voting, the main award “Crystal Wave”, a diploma and prize money in the amount of 50 thousand euros were awarded to the singer Niloo. Full name of the winner is Niloofar meaning “white lotus” in Uzbek. Nilloo at the age of five became a leading singer in the music band being the youngest performer and having the clearest voice. Then, she graduated from Moscow Institute of Modern Art majoring in stage and jazz vocal. Talking about her recent stage experience, Niloofar sang as the back-vocalist accompanying Stas Piekha and participated in the show “Voice of the Country” aired on the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1”.

Talking about the main rivals of the winner, it should be noted that the Latvian band “Framest” had all the chances to win the contest as the difference in points in the end sometimes was only 1-2 points, which made it hard to predict the outcome.

The second place was awarded the Italian singer Constanzo del Pinto. He was presented 30 thousand euros and the “Crystal Wave” prize. The bronze winner of the new Wave 2012 was the Ukrainian contestant Maria Yaremchuk who left for her country with 20 thousand euros, a gift certificate to shoot the music video and broadcast it on one of the best radio stations in Russia.

In addition, the Russian band IOWA won the prize from the Love radio, so now they will be actively supported in terms of being broadcast on this radio frequency.

Apart from the gala-concert that involved foreign and Russian stars (Nelly Furtado, SUMI JO, Igor Nokolaev, Nikolay Baskov, Valeria, Stas Mikhaylov, Irina Allegrova, Lev Leschenko, the band “VIA GRA”, and others), the festival sparkled thanks to the rock concert, recital by Kostantin Meladze and a great disco-party in Riga.